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Welcome to the official wgcc Homepage!

wgcc is a cross-compiler tool primarily written for Microsoft's Interix. Its primary purpose is to produce native Windows binaries (internally using the Microsoft Tool chain), and to mimic the behaviour of the GNU compiler collection. This means that wgcc understands many of GCC's command line arguments, and in most cases delivers the same results as expected, sometimes manipulating the underlying tool's input and output.

Even though wgcc was written for Interix only, it can be used on native Windows (without Interix), and other Systems, like Cygwin. The only restriction is that on Platforms other than Interix, only Windows style paths are understood. With the release of version 2.0.1 this changed. Now Cygwin too is able to convert paths correctly. On Interix (and now Cygwin) wgcc automatically converts UNIX style paths to Windows style ones (i.e. /wgcc to C:\SFU\wgcc).

wgcc abstracts away lots of inconveniences that are introduced by building static libraries, shared libraries (DLL's) and executables with any possible combination of those three. When using wgcc both static and shared libraries behave exactly the same on Windows, and this makes tons of defines unnecessary. The only thing that still has to be done is to give all Data symbols (i.e. Variables) an import attribute (__declspec(dllimport)) when using them (i.e. in the library header files) in an executable. For a simple example take a look at the file tests/shared.test inside the wgcc distribution.

To continue improving wgcc and pxwc packages, we now need your help in testing them. Please download wgcc and try to compile your software using it.

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